Blogging Madness

I recently joined a page on Facebook called #NZbloggers. Now this is  a closed group, but If you live in NZ, and blog, why not come and join! There are a lot of talented bloggers on there who I am yet to discover but I am excited to be able to read into the minds of fellow Kiwis.

There is a running theme for blogging each week, and this week the theme is #film. You can find a link to this here. There are rules and stuff of course, outlined below.

The Rules / Submission Guidelines

  1. Your post must contain the phrase #BlogGreatness.
    Example: This post is part of the monthly link up party #BlogGreatness. This challenge aims to connect, encourage and influence New Zealand bloggers.
  2. Your entry must link back to the weeks challenge post you are participating in or the about #nzbloggers page.
  3. You can enter with new posts.
  4. You can submit any amount of entries in the week challenge, as long as it’s relevant to the weeks theme/challenge.

I thought I might give this a go, as I can’t see what harm I do and I like having a certain theme each week to be able to blog about. It sort of saves me some thinking in what to write about nest. I shall add a new page on the blog to make it easier to find these, and of course, I shall post each theme each week. Maybe even more than one. Keep an eye out for the post, you never know when it might pop up.

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